Sunday, June 21, 2009

This picture makes me laugh. Thats codys hair..which he doesnt have anymore...and his sweater...which he doesnt have anymore...and his jeans...which he doesnt have anymore. hahaha. Love it :D You will understand more when you see pictures of the haircut I gave Cody. Hahaha. Cody calls it a HAIR HACK!!!!!!!!!
Outside the home where Shakesphere was born. They had people dressed up and doing little skits from his plays outside in the gardens

Goofing off :)

Sheldon sitting across from us on the train

Ok we are so far behind on this blog I am just going to pick and choose some pictures to put up. Here we were on the train from York going to Stratford I think...and Cody fell asleep so I took some pictures :)

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