Friday, April 24, 2009

Sunset shot in Whitbey quite pretty.
The Abbey right beside our youth hostel in Whitbey.

This is what a Best Western looks like in England.

St Michaels mount near Penzance, totally self sustaining island at one time.

Beautiful church, one of many.

The Edinburgh castle home to the stone of destiny and the crown jewels.

Rope bridge 100 metres above the ocean, took some courage to cross in windy conditions.

Cody posing for the photo before running so he wouldnt get hit with the wave.

the Giants Causeway in Northern Ireland, much fun exploring even if it was cold and rainy.


Sheldon should be putting up pictures from his camera of him. I barely have any of him on my camera! I take all of his on his camera!

Views from the top

taking a break after a mile of uphill. the hill was 1:4 which means that every 4 ft it went up a ft. we all almost died.

Crazy sheep farmer. Well, he looks crazy!

haha! cute huh? =)

another welsh sign

I really wish i knew how to rotate these pictures. Ugh.

Street signs we had to follow on the bike ride. Welsh anyone? =)

Bike trail...

Our key for the Hamilton backpackers. Haha

Scenery from the bike trip. Newport.

We came home from exploring Fishguard one day to find this! We were walking back to the hostel and we saw the fire trucks go by...Cody was like "wouldn't that be funny if it was going to our hostel?"...and then we turned the corner and they were parked in front of the hostel! When we got there though it was fine because it was the neighbours dryer or washing machine that caught on fire that was caught in time before it burnt the place down!

One of my favorite pictures

Just a cute little place

Views from close to the park

The order here is a little messed up...this was the same day at the park as before. My jump.

At a church in Newport. Cody couldn't figure out how to work the Pump Organ...but it made a good picture! And we found a piano he could play in that church as well :)

On our way to pick up the bikes. Cody really wanted me to put this one up. Haha.

isn't this the best toilet ever?

Cody and the ice cream cow - i have a picture like this too but i look really silly =)

The little church

Just some places around town

One of the nicest Hostels we've stayed at. The guy was super friendly and it was all very clean. And we pretty much had the whole house to ourselves!

Downtown Fishguard...or maybe this is Newport where we rented bikes for the day..hmmm. My pictures are all in the wrong order. Hopefully I can change that when I get home attempt.

Sheldons attempt! :)

Here we are having fun at a park in Fishguard. Cody was doing his acrobatic thing on the goalpost.