Sunday, March 15, 2009

Bath, Lacock and Swansea

On a fake bridge...blocking the way of a truck coming up haha

Cody swinging and Sheldon not able to do a pull-up because the bar isn't high enough. Haha. And they have backpacks on! They're crazy!

A free air-show we got while at the beach in the morning. They did some cool stunts!

Sheldon shaving by the beach. He didn't have time to earlier :D "...did i miss a spot? how about now?"

Take your own picture day. Trying to be hawt ;)


Barely awake.

View we had from the beachcomber

Cute place huh? Well except for the JUNK to the left. haha.

Ok, so i'm not a very good actor

I guess he's not either. haha

Cody is naturally the most dramatic

On the speed-train to Swansea. These trains go up to 120 miles an hr!

Looking for a hostel to stay in. We've learnt we can't leave it to the last minute or we might be sleeping on the street! haha. You can see the stress in Sheldons face.

By accident I got the porche in the picture! It was meant to be the countryside

Look how tiny this door is!!

Church cemetary

Ok so this is THE house that James and Lillian Potter died in :)

Happy time!

The church next to the Harry Potter house. Some of the Royalty got married here.

A quaint little bakery. Haha

Downtown Lacock

This is the Abbey in Lacock where they did alot of filming for Harry Potter!

26 Locks at Lacock...all operated by hand. haha

A thatched roof somewhere between Stonehenge and Lacock. They leave their signature by whatever animal they put on the this case its an owl.

Sheep next to Stonehenge

Stonehenge! Its cool...but you have to pay £5.00 (10 canadian) just to get past the gates to see this..and then all you can do is walk around it on a path.

Pretty countryside, across the road from Stonehenge

On the bus about to leave for the Stonehenge/Lacock half-day tour

The statues around the Roman Bath aren't actually Romans

The Abbey in Bath

Church in Bath

Laura's backpack pic. Being gay :)

The view from across the train station...basically the main drag corner!

Here we are at the train station in Bath!....and Cody is being...well...Cody. Haha...I hate writting that way about myself...

sheldons pics

the house where harry potter grew up in the first movie
stonehenge which is very cool the stones weigh anywhere from 5-45 tonnes

roman baths in...bath spa

london...home of high fashion, high congestion and bmw police cars

houses of parliment

cool castle we saw on one of the sight seeing tours

tower of london

beautiful church

art gallery...there was over 60 rooms with many many paintings in each room= exhaustion

ferrari baby one of many very nice cars in london...

lots of fascinating architecture...

first sights and sounds emerging from the underground tube