Thursday, May 14, 2009


You can see how windy it is in these pictures :)

Carrick-a-rede bridge. It was 100 ft. off the water and we crossed it when there were about 70 mp/h winds. haha. I screamed all the way across but managed to contain myself on the way back. haha. I even looked straight down. So brave =)

The distance he could have fallen...why so serious!?¿ haha

Cody a foot away from falling to his death. (look ma - no hands!)

Cody ran all the way up there and is standing on the top. haha

Cody with a smile =)

This is the castle of....i dont know. Haha. Cody named it. A queen lived in it until the kitchen fell off the cliff and into the water...after that...i guess it just wasnt considered safe enough :)

A stop on the Giants Causeway tour. Bushmills Whisky Distillery. haha

Ok so...this is actually where they had school! Way back when... during a war I think... these were little caves dug into the mountain on the side of the road!

At a cute little fishing town somewhere between Belfast (Ireland) and County Antrim....(the giants causeway)

It was raining out... I dont just wear my hood up for fun, I swear!

hehe. at some castle. i like codys eyes in this one!

Cody wanted me to put this one up because i am in it. i dont really think its necessary but whatever

Some of the people we met with for Sunday morning meeting. From left to right: Sheldon, Joe, Michael, Katie, Joan, Robin and Cody. Michael and Katie drove us around pretty much all day Sunday, and Robin and Katie (sisters) had us over for lunch. Joe was another person they had over. They were all really super nice :) oh yeah...nice runners with dress pants hey?! :D

¨The Needle¨ in Dublin. Not sure what they actually call it!

A pretty tree in Dublin

Kilkenny Castle. We didn´t pay to go in...we were too cheap. Sheldon was guys are SO CHEAP! haha. The other day he said that when we´re showing people our pictures we can be like this is such and such a castle...we didn´t go inside...this is the tower of whatever...yeah we didn´t go in...and this abbey? oh guess what..we didn´t go in! haha. But the locals even said it wasn´t worth it to go in.

On the ferry over to the Republic of Ireland. Which if you didnt know is NOT Ireland. Dont ever mix the two up...or else! Haha. Its like thinking that Canada is part of the USA...or New Zealand being a part of get my drift :)