Monday, June 29, 2009

Stratford-upon-Avon - Shakespeare's birthplace

The hostel we stayed the middle of nowhere. We walked 2-3...or maybe even 4 miles to get there the guys are saying. Haha. WITH our 30 pound backpacks on too! We were not too pleased about that. We took the bus back when we left :)
His grave. The one next to him is his wife...and on the other side is the rest of his family. (I am typing on a Canadian style keyboard right now..and I have gotten used to the Z and Y keys being I keep messing up! Ack!)
The church nearby where Shakespeare and his family were buried. He wasn't buried here because he was was just because he owned land and had the rights to be buried here.
This is just stating that he died here

Part of the garden on the grounds where he died

This picture was taken at the site where Shakespeare died. The home was taken down after he died but now there is a really pretty garden in its place

one of the actress'
A play in the gardens at his birth-home
Looking down the river
Lady Macbeth
Part of the tribute...Hamlet
A tribute set up for Shakespeare in a pretty park

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