Monday, June 22, 2009

In the pretty town of York. He will kill me for putting this up. Muahahaha.
Haha. He almost duplicated this one :D

Cody coming out of the bathroom. I died laughing over this. Above the door it says "Hygene Monitor 0" Haha. I guess he forgot to wash his hands....

In a dungeon where they held prisoners...dont ask where this was. I dont know. Haha.

haha! a greyhound!! Sheldon says curses on greyhound. haha.
Self explanitory I guess. This is where J.K Rowling started writing the first Harry Potter book on napkins =)

This was where they used to take all the people who were accused of a crime. I didnt get a full picture of it...but there is a wooden door on the one side where they would nail your ear to...and you had to stay there for a certain period of time (I think it was a day...or 12 hrs)...and the people of the city would come and throw tomatos at you. If you endured were able to continue buying at the market...because you were considered honorable for enduring your could choose to leave early (meaning you had to rip your ear off) which would then lable you a coward and you wouldnt be able to buy from anyone at the market!A heart in the center of Edinburgh where you spit for good luck. Apparently there are alot of people here every year that get proposed to! haha!!Bagpipes in Edinburgh. You know your in Scotland when.....At a museum in Glasgow

An awesome picture of Cody. He saw the umbrella lying there next to the flowers and snapped it open and I took a picture. Turned out pretty cool!

This is the Ring of Thanksgiving Statue in Belfast
At an Imax type of building in looking doped up. haha

All doing our poses....

Hahaha. Typical Cody =)

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