Sunday, March 15, 2009

sheldons pics

the house where harry potter grew up in the first movie
stonehenge which is very cool the stones weigh anywhere from 5-45 tonnes

roman baths in...bath spa

london...home of high fashion, high congestion and bmw police cars

houses of parliment

cool castle we saw on one of the sight seeing tours

tower of london

beautiful church

art gallery...there was over 60 rooms with many many paintings in each room= exhaustion

ferrari baby one of many very nice cars in london...

lots of fascinating architecture...

first sights and sounds emerging from the underground tube

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  1. Someone asked me how to post a comment so I thought I'd hop on here and see what I could do!! I thought anyone could just click on a photo and comment but looks like you have to find one of these comment sections and choose the correct answer before it lets you actually do it! So let's see if I managed! Thanks for the great photo's by the way! Keep them coming!